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Created 3-Jul-13
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street photography by Jason MaloneyJason Maloneyuntitled-110620141120_Denver-235-EditWindow Shoppinguntitled-1108untitled-688untitled-248untitled-236untitled-258untitled-311-2-Edit20150523_DCC-201untitled-112untitled-10220150117_NWSS-303-Edit20150611_Denver-125untitled-105untitled-1105untitled-329When the Doors Open20141118_Denver-222

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Guestbook for Street Photography Portfolio
I am not used to comments or guestbook entries, but I have to say, this is great work. I came across some street photography guidelines you posted and I found them very close to what I would like to do. I have included them in my learning process. Your black and white portfolio, and the vision of the street you share with it is truly inspiring. Congratulations, keep the good work!
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